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NB Social Pediatrics Research


New Brunswick Social Pediatrics (NBSP) was developed to improve the quality of life, health and long-term outcomes of children and their families in our province by conducting research on “what works” to help our kids. The team, based at Horizon Health Network’s Saint John Regional Hospital, is led by Drs. Sarah Gander, Marianne McKenna and Annie Murphy-Savoie. They are supported by Sarah Campbell, Research Manager, and Srijain Shrestha, Research Assistant.

NBSP is seeking to optimize access and service delivery to children who face difficult living circumstances, toxic stress and trauma. These conditions impact health and development as well as a child’s integration into their school and community. Community Social Pediatrics is a multi-pronged, interdisciplinary approach that addresses the needs of children and their families affected by the social determinants of health. This model is based on our commitment to the United Nations (UN) Convention of Child Rights and the UN Sustainable Goals.

NBSP operates from a Social Pediatrics centre in one of Saint John’s high need neighborhoods. The Social Pediatrics approach uses a medico-social-legal model to:

  • Identify the source of the child’s challenges and those of the child’s family;
  • Determine the child’s needs, identify their strengths and ensure their rights are respected;
  • Mobilize the committed resources around the family;
  • Effectively engage citizens of the community in the child’s care and in providing support to the family;
  • Develop a collaborative action plan personalized to each child.