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What Are Cureus Collections?

Like special issues, Cureus Collections compile articles by specific themes, simplifying the process of finding relevant research. Exploring new areas and brushing up on your existing knowledge is more intuitive and accessible than ever. We're not just curating science; we're curating the future of scientific exploration.

Advantages of Collections

Personalized Discovery

Tailor your exploration to match your unique research interests. Dive into collections that resonate with your curiosity or professional needs, transforming how you engage with scientific literature.

Themed Curation

Our collections are organized to ensure that you can effortlessly navigate through a curated library of themes, making every discovery meaningful and directly relevant.

Diverse Topics

Collections reflect the vast diversity of medical science from different global perspectives. This variety ensures that researchers and readers can find or contribute to areas that resonate deeply with their specialties and interests.

User-Centric Approach

Cureus Collections are designed with you in mind. We're committed to making scientific information accessible, engaging, and relevant, empowering you to connect with the research that matters most.

Browse Collections

We invite you to explore our ever-growing library of collections and immerse yourself in the boundless possibilities of scientific inquiry.


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Contribute to Cureus Collections to improve the visibility of your work.

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Align your research with specific collections to reach a focused audience within the Cureus community.

Enhance scientific dialogue

Join a platform where research is actively shared, discussed, and expanded upon.

Stay updated

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Make your mark

Take an active role in building a dynamic environment of collaboration and innovation.

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Play a pivotal role in guiding topic choices that resonate with our scientific community.

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Enhance your professional profile

Leverage your role as a guest editor to add significant value to your CV. Highlight your leadership in steering innovative and diverse research directions.

Showcase depth and diversity

Use your expertise to demonstrate the breadth of exploration within your field.