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Build your brand with a custom channel homepage

Creating a journal or printed newsletter for your organization is time-consuming and expensive. Cureus channels are a low-cost alternative designed with your organization’s goals in mind.

Build your department’s medical resume with peer-reviewed articles, event news, and meeting abstracts and posters. Appoint your own editorial officers and manage article submissions and content updates as you see fit. Present your latest research, highlight faculty efforts and promote your upcoming annual meeting - all on your unique channel homepage.

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Shine a spotlight on authors & drive patient referrals

Articles published in other journals often collect dust awaiting discovery. Not so with Cureus - your channel’s customized email digest promotes your latest research to physicians around the world, ensuring that your department stands out from the crowd.

Cureus channels help raise your organization's profile across the globe by providing an easy way for referring physicians to connect with your department's body of work.

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