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Margaret Mead

Cureus Honors

Recognition for your Cureus contributions.

We want to reward our active Cureus community members. Publish articles, perform peer reviews, score articles with SIQ and more to reach one of our reward tiers and earn several valuable benefits that further enhance your Cureus experience.

Have you signed up for our peer review panel? Cureus-invited reviews are worth more than twice as much as author-invited reviews!

How it Works:
Each calendar year is split into two six-month windows: January through June and July through December. The earnings window, the current six month period, is followed by the rewards window, the next six month period. Perform enough actions during an earnings window and you’ll qualify for a rewards tier for the remainder of that window as well as the following rewards window.

Your progress towards rewards will expire and reset at the end of every earnings window. Your current rewards tier will expire at the end of the following benefits window unless you’ve contributed enough to maintain or increase your tier.

Cureus Laureates:
While rewards progress towards Scholar, Magna and Summa tiers expires at the end of each window, your total progress towards reaching our hallowed Laureate tier never resets. Cureus Laureates are the best of the best and enjoy a full list of permanent benefits.

You can view your current rewards status on your Cureus profile.


Priority Customer Support
Higher-weighted SIQ score
Preferred Editing discount * 5% 10% 20% 30%
Higher search results rankings
Profile and search results badge
Expedited PMC discount * 20% 30%
Exempt from Cureus-invited review requirement**
Lifetime award never expires
* discount applies to submitting author only

** rejected author-invited reviews may result in permanent loss of Laureate status

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