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Do I have to give Cureus the copyright to my article?

No. All content on Cureus are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

How much does it cost to publish on Cureus?

Publishing with Cureus is 100% free as long as the submission complies with all Cureus editorial guidelines. We offer a paid editing service for submissions that do not comply.

How does the paid editing service work?

Every submission starts as eligible for free publication, but only articles submitted with few or no errors will qualify. Articles with too many errors will be deferred and our Preferred Editing Service will be required to proceed.

How much does it cost to read articles on Cureus?

Cureus provides free access to all articles, as we strongly believe that science should not be locked behind a paywall.

What is SIQ™ (Scholarly Impact Quotient™)?

At Cureus, every published article is rated by a broad cross-section of users. Unlike traditional medical journals, the fate of a scholarly article is no longer determined by one or two individuals; thousands of interested readers and professional colleagues review and rate published articles.

Each article accumulates a proprietary rating – its "Scholarly Impact Quotient" (SIQ™). The SIQ™ is an evolving yet enduring reflection of an article's true scientific impact as judged by the medical community at large. Although non-experts can rate articles, the scholarly impact calculations place special emphasis on areas of specialization and the peer-reviewed publication record of rating experts.

How can I improve my article's SIQ™?

SIQ™ is a predictive measure of scientific quality. The best ways to increase an article’s SIQ™ include:

  • Writing a highly readable article that features high-quality science
  • Telling your friends, colleagues and advisors to review the article on Cureus

Cureus is committed to improving the process around scientific discovery. Gaming the system to improve an article’s SIQ™ will not be tolerated.

How do I promote my research after it's been published?

Cureus offers a social media promotional add-on, or boost, for eligible published articles at an additional cost. To check your eligibility status, visit your author dashboard and view your published articles.

What types of articles are most appropriate for Cureus?

We designed Cureus specifically for medical articles requiring scholarly peer review. With Cureus, you can be confident that medical colleagues, fellow researchers and patients can now find and access your article, no matter how specialized the topic.

What are our headquarters addresses?

Worldwide Headquarters:
Cureus Inc.
239 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

European Headquarters:
Leopoldstrasse 153
80804 Munich

What is our corporate address?

Cureus Inc.
894 Tolman Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Who are the members of the management team and where are they based?

John R. Adler, Jr, MD, Founder & CEO
Stanford, CA

Alexander Muacevic, MD, Co-Founder
Munich, Germany

Henrik Bacho, Chief Marketing Officer
San Francisco, CA

Karl Miserok, European General Manager
Munich, Germany

Zachary Smith, Dir. of Engineering
San Francisco, CA

What are the publishing credentials of the editors-in-chief?

Dr. Adler and Dr. Muacevic are professors and noted academics with considerable experience publishing and reviewing within peer-reviewed medical journals. Together they have more than three decades of experience serving on the editorial boards of several medical journals.

Who is individually responsible for the scientific quality of publications?

  1. Professor John R. Adler, Stanford University
  2. Professor Alexander Muacevic, Munich University
  3. The Cureus Editorial Board of more than 300 accomplished scholars and clinical leaders
  4. The Cureus Academic Council — a select group of world-renowned academics and past presidents from leading institutions including Stanford University, the Salk Institute, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, the National University of Singapore and the American Medical Association
  5. The Cureus SIQ™ (Scholarly Impact Quotient™) rating process utilizes community crowd sourcing to accurately discern scientific quality

What is our advertising policy?

Cureus has partnered with Everyday Health to serve targeted ads from healthcare companies and institutions in order to continue providing an Open Access reading experience for all readers. For more information please go to our Advertising Policy page.

What is the ISSN number for Cureus?


Is Cureus indexed in PubMed?

Yes! Cureus is indexed in PubMed Central (PMC), PubMed, Google Scholar and Web of Science. Articles published in Cureus will appear in PubMed Central approximately six weeks after publication.