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The challenge to publish or perish can be an enduring headache. Cureus makes it easy - free publication for articles that meet our editorial standards, and publication time measured in days, not months.

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Cureus takes the pain out of peer review. Your work is no longer at the mercy of an opaque and mysterious panel. Efficient pre-publication peer review and community-based, post-publication examination and discussion ensure that your article receives a helpful and informative review.

Community crowdsourcing

Relevant vs. irrelevant? Groundbreaking vs. benign? Cureus lets you decide. Scholarly Impact Quotient™ (SIQ™) is our unique post-publication, peer-review process that leverages the collective intelligence of the Cureus community to judge article impact, novelty and quality.

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Now indexed with PubMed Central, your work will rapidly capture the broad exposure it deserves. And with no paywalls, Cureus provides unhindered access to your research – across medical specialties, healthcare systems and geographies.

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