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About Cureus

Cureus is the Open Access medical journal for a new generation of doctors, researchers and patients with a mission to eliminate barriers to the generation and dissemination of medical knowledge. Based in San Francisco, California, Cureus leverages the power of an online, crowdsourced community platform to share and promote published medical knowledge around the world. The result? Better research, faster publication and access for everyone. No paywalls. No red tape.

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The Cureus Journal of Medical Science is a fully Open Access journal, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication. Cureus publishes all approved articles under a CC-BY license.

All authors retain full copyright of their work and roughly half of all authors publish entirely for free. Submit an article that meets all of our stated requirements and we’ll waive our editing fee - it’s that simple!


Cureus does not consider impact factor to be a reliable or useful metric of individual article importance. Cureus is a signer of DORA – the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment – and does not promote the use of journal impact factors. We instead use article-level metrics such as reads, downloads and research metrics. Cureus also encourages all readers to submit an SIQ (Scholarly Impact Quotient) score for each article. SIQ is our unique post-publication peer review system that assesses article importance and quality by embracing the collective intelligence of the Cureus community-at-large.



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Cureus is on a mission to eliminate the barriers to the generation and dissemination of medical knowledge. A major aspect of this mission is reducing article publication times. We’re proud to offer one of the fastest, if not the fastest, submission-to-publication times for an Open Access medical journal while maintaining the highest standards of rigorous peer review. In today’s ever-changing landscape of medical discoveries and advancement, fast publication is vital to providing a peer-reviewed foundation for new treatments and research.

Article Type
Publication Time Period (days) Free Preferred Editing 3rd Party Editing
Time to First Editorial Decision (Rejection, Deferral or Peer Review) 11 19 43
Time to Final Editorial Decision (Rejection, Deferral or Acceptance) 30 33 63
Time from Submission to Publication 35 40 70

Featuring a global community of readers, the Cureus Journal of Medical Science showcases the value of providing accessible medical knowledge to clinicians, researchers, caregivers and patients around the world.

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