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Margaret Mead

Our Academic Council

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Formed to ensure that Cureus aspires to the highest academic standards, the Cureus Academic Council includes a select group of world-renowned academics and past presidents from leading institutions including Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, the National University of Singapore and the American Medical Association. The Academic Council assists Cureus in changing the medical publishing industry by leveraging its members’ broad-ranging experience and formidable understanding of the medical and scientific research communities.

Laura esserman

Laura Esserman

Professor of Surgery & Radiology and Director of Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, UCSF
Yuman fong

Yuman Fong

Chair of Department of Surgery, City of Hope Medical Center
Sarah greene

Sarah Greene

President and CEO, Rapid Science
Sam hellman

Samuel Hellman

A.N. Pritzker Distinguished Service Professor, Dept of Radiation and Cellular Oncology, University of Chicago
Donald kennedy

Donald Kennedy

President Emeritus of Stanford University
John wong

John Eu-Li Wong

Vice Provost (Academic Medicine) National University of Singapore