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Medicine-Pediatrics Academic Channel


The Medicine-Pediatrics Academic Channel (MPAC) was founded in 2020 to promote the field of medicine-pediatrics as a specialty. With broad support from medicine-pediatrics leaders across the country, the goal of this academic channel is to serve as a forum to disseminate scientific articles which contribute to the practice of medicine-pediatrics. The specific content areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Health care transitions for children with special health care needs into adulthood
  • Emerging adulthood (the population of individuals age 18-25 years)
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Gender health
  • Chronic conditions that span the life course
  • Unique presentations of adult conditions in childhood
  • Unique presentations of pediatric conditions in adulthood
  • Medical education pertaining to Medicine-Pediatrics
  • Medicine-Pediatrics as a specialty (workforce, board certifications, maintenance of certifications, etc.)

The submission types that MPAC is currently accepting include original articles, review articles and case reports. Only invited editorials will be considered at this time.

Submitting to our channel is free. When submitting, please select "Yes, this is a channel article" - if you do not select this you will not be posting to our channel and are subject to purchasing editing services. Select "Med-Peds Academic Channel" under "Academic Departments".

Please note that while Cureus only requires a reviewer minimum of 2 in order to move the submission forward for publication, MPAC strongly encourages a minimum of 4 reviews.


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