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Great Western Hospital Academy


This Cureus channel for the Medical Education Department at Great Western Hospital stands as a pivotal resource for the dissemination and advancement of knowledge in medical education. This channel is an essential platform for healthcare professionals, educators, and students, offering a diverse range of scholarly works that span various aspects of medical education.

Key Focus Areas:

Innovative Teaching Methodologies: Our channel prioritizes the exploration and sharing of innovative teaching methods in medical education. This includes both traditional and modern educational approaches that enhance learning experiences and outcomes for medical students and professionals.

Curriculum Development and Evaluation: We emphasize research and articles on the development, implementation, and evaluation of medical curricula. This focus area seeks to understand how curricular changes can improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of medical students.

Educational Technology Integration: While not solely focused on simulation, we recognize the importance of integrating various educational technologies into medical training. Our channel explores how Technology Enhanced Learning can support the learning process.

Professional Development and Continuing Education: We cover topics related to the ongoing professional development of healthcare practitioners, including continuing education, skill enhancement, and adapting to evolving medical practices and knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Medical Education: Recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary approaches, our channel also focuses on how collaboration across various medical and healthcare disciplines can enhance educational experiences and patient care outcomes.

Our mission is to provide a collaborative and open forum for sharing cutting-edge research, innovative strategies, and practical insights in medical education. By fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and scholarly discourse, we aim to contribute to the scholarly advancement of medical education practices.