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DMIHER Datta Meghe Medical College


Datta Meghe Medical College (DMMC) is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to the rural community in Nagpur, India. We aim to make medical care easily accessible, secure, and effective.

This platform welcomes submissions related to medical research from researchers and medical professionals worldwide. We invite original research, review articles, case reports, and technical reports for publication.

Original research holds immense value at Datta Meghe Medical College (DMMC) as it serves as a catalyst for advancing medical knowledge. We highly prioritize and encourage researchers to submit their pioneering findings, innovative methodologies, and ground-breaking discoveries. We welcome original articles encompassing various domains such as medicine, surgical outcomes, oncology, public health, and more. These contributions play a pivotal role in expanding our understanding of medical science and its practical applications, ultimately enhancing patient care and shaping the future of healthcare.

Review articles fulfill a crucial role in medical research. They are invaluable resources for summarizing and critically analyzing existing literature within a specific field. These articles provide comprehensive overviews of medical topics, allowing clinicians and researchers to remain up-to-date with the latest advancements and evidence-based practices. Review articles enhance understanding of medical conditions, diagnostic methodologies, treatment options, and preventive measures by synthesizing a wide array of studies, trials, and scholarly works. Their contribution significantly impacts the ability of healthcare professionals to provide informed patient care and researchers' capacity to advance knowledge in their respective fields.

Case reports offer valuable insights into rare or unusual medical conditions, diagnostic challenges, and treatment approaches. The area of focus for case reports is infectious diseases. These reports explore unique or challenging cases of communicable diseases, their clinical presentation, diagnostic methods, treatment approaches, and outcomes. They contribute to our understanding of infectious diseases, their epidemiology, and the management strategies to control their spread. By sharing real-life scenarios, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, which leads to enhanced learning and improved patient care.

Additionally, we invite technical reports that delve into specific medical technologies, methodologies, or procedures. These reports provide detailed analyses, technical information, and evaluations of medical devices, diagnostic tools, surgical techniques, or other healthcare interventions. Disseminating such information contributes to the advancement of medical technology and its practical implementation in clinical settings.