Naftuli Kham
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Buy Revatio online, a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in adult men. Revatio contains sildenafil as its active ingredient which works by relaxing and widening the blood vessels of the penile region, as a result the blood flow in the blood vessels increase. This results in men to get an erection.Revatio is also used to treat the pulmonary hypertension. When this medicine is used to treat the erectile dysfunction, it is taken only by men once in at least 24 hours apart. But when prescribed for pulmonary hypertension, it is taken 3 times a day in at least 4 to 6 hours apart. Taking this medicine may make you feel dizzy, so take this medicine as per your doctor’s direction.
Avoid taking alcohol or marijuana as it may lead to serious side effects.
Avoid taking high fat meals as they may reduce the effectivenss of the medication.
Avoid doing works that need alertness and clear vision.
Some side effects are:
Sudden change in vision or vision loss
Sudden change in hearing or hearing loss
Chest pain
Irregular heartbeat
Breathing problem
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