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Xanax is a medicine designed to treat the signs of panic disorder, anxiety, and anxiety associated with depression. Xanax can be taken on its own or in conjunction with other medicines. Xanax is part of a group of drugs known as anti-anxiety agents, Anxiolytics, and Benzodiazepines. Whether Xanax is secure and effective for children younger than 18 years old is unclear. There are a variety and varieties of Xanax pills in the marketplace. The pills come in different strengths and dosages. Alprazolam comes in many colors, shapes, sizes, and shapes.
A Xanax bar is a reference to the shape of the pill. It’s thin and long with around 2 mg dose amounts. The tablets with a bar shape contain high amounts of alprazolam.

These bars contain one of the most powerful doses on the market. The highest is 3mg with extended-release. They’ll often come in four sections, making them simpler to break into pieces.