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Eduardo P. Beltran Monasterio
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Dr. Eduardo Patrick Beltran Monasterio obtained his MD degree from Del Valle University and obtained his post-graduate training in Clinical Dermatology at Gama Filho University located in Brazil (South America) and also a member of the International Society of Dermatology. He has been working closely with psoriasis patients for approximately 5 years and is a Low Dose Naltrexone prescriber. He has identified great therapeutical benefits with LDN having made a profound impact on many patients with this alternative treatment. Dr. Beltran also has studied the benefits of LDN in patients with skin cancer.

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ldn as a new treatment option for psoriasis erythomatous psoriasis and ldn low dose naltrexone - dr. eduardo beltran ldn in dermatology
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International Society of Dermatology
Conselho Regional de Medicina de Santa Catarina