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Faizan Yasin
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I am currently working as a Research Assistant in Neurology department at State University of New York at Buffalo. The research studies that I am currently involved in are role of cognitive dysfunction in defining Multiple sclerosis relapse, role Achtar gel (ACTH) on recovery from cognitive relapse in Multiple Sclerosis, study of Cognitive Aging in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis compared to older adults, Dimethyl Fumarate (Tecifidera) effects on Cognitive and Work status outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis and a few other studies on Multiple Sclerosis. These are all on going, observational, longitudianal studies conducted by Dr. Ralph Benedict PhD, professor of Neurology at State Universiy of New York at Buffalo.
I have some book publications online, including Head and Neck Anatomy for Students, Endocrine glands anatomy and Special senses anatomy book. I'll be publishing more as well. Besides, there are a number of Case Reports that I am currently working on. Hopefully they will get published in the next few months.
I have done M.B.B.S from Shifa college of Medicine in Pakistan. I did my USMLE exams and am fully ECFMG certified. Besides I have worked as an extern and observer at various medical centers and university hospitals in U.S. including Baylor, Rush, Methodist, Wayne State and Detroit Medical Center.

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