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Pradeep  C. Bollu
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Dr. Pradeep C Bollu is a graduate of Kurnool Medical College, India. He is a board certified Neurologist and board certified Sleep specialist. He trained in one year of Internal medicine internship at the University of Missouri, Columbia followed by three years of Neurology residency. He specialized in Sleep medicine and pursued and advanced fellowship in sleep medicine as well. He is currently a member of American Academy of Sleep medicine and a diplomate of American Academy of Sleep Medicine. His special interests include movement disorders- especially Parkinson disease and essential tremor and also psychiatric illnesses.
Dr. Bollu practices at University of Missouri Health care and works primarily in the outpatient setting. He sees a diverse population of patients with neurological illnesses including Chronic Migraines, Seizure disorders, MS and nerve/ muscle problems with special emphasis on sleep disorders and Parkinson disease.
Of the various services offered by Dr. Bollu, botox injection therapy, Deep brain stimulation therapy, Duopa infusion therapy are a few. Dr. Bollu has numerous publications including a book he is currently writing on sleep issues in neuromuscular disorders. He also has an avid interest in the technological advances in the treatment of Parkinson Disease

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