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Sheikh Shoib
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 I am a registered doctor with Medical Board in India and have completed by MBBS and MD (Psychiatry) in India.  I am one of the highest achieving students in my cohort. Currently working as Senior Resident, Department of psychiatry,  Post graduate and undergraduate training, Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience – Kashmir, India I have work experience of about 3 years in psychiatry after completing my MD. Dr. Sheikh Shoib is interested to unravel the multiple dimensions of human behavior, psychiatric aspects of endocrinological disorders, suicide and stress related disorders. He has been active in rendering services to emotionally disturbed areas over the past few years. The author has over 40 International and National publications to his credit. He has presented several research papers in International/National conferences and seminars. His research has been of high quality and has significantly advanced our research effort. He has displayed creativity, imagination and hard work together with a strong background in science theory.


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