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Rupesh  Kumar
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I am working as an Associate Professor in a Central Government institute that cares for the poor people of India. Most of the cardiac cases are congenital cardiac ,rheumatic heart disease and coronary artery diseases causing the severe heart disease in underprivileged population of our country.
The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India is one of the premier medical institute of India. Its activities include OPD Services, Inpatient Services and lungs & Surgery. Cardiovascular and Thoracic Department conducts 20-25 open heart / closed heart surgery / Thoracic surgery per week. Around 1500 cardiac cases are done every year, including congenital and valvular heart diseases.
Outpatient clinics are held on six days a week in the Advanced Cardiac Centre which included general OPD, paediatric & adult cardiac and postoperative patients follow-up. These clinics are held in collaboration with the department of Cardiology. The emergency services were provided round the clock by the department. We are operating adult as well as paediatric cardiac cases.
I am actively involved in pre, intra and post operative care of congenital cardiac ,rheumatic heart disease and coronary artery diseases.

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