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Margaret Mead
Juan Camilo  Santacruz Devia
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Medical specialist in internal medicine from the University of La Sabana, with an emphasis on Research and applied profile to perspectives on autoimmune diseases and rheumatology. With extensive experience in hospitalization and emergencies. Responsible professional with training in public and private hospitals of level I, II and III, with a high level of competence in search of perfecting my knowledge and being able to perform as a health professional for the well-being of our society. Applied and passionate person for the performance of his profession with broad interest and development in the area of ​​research and scientific and academic interest. Excellent interpersonal relationships with other health professionals and in particular in the doctor-patient relationship.



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psoriatic arthiritis sjogren's systemic sclerosis (ssc) hemolytic anaemia inmune thrombocytopenic purpura lupus rheumatoid arthritis spondyloarthritis
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Asociacion Colombiana de Reumatología