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Deepa  Vasireddy
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List of publications:
1.Risk Factors, Trends, and Preventive Measures for 30-Day Unplanned Diabetic Ketoacidosis Readmissions in the Pediatric Population
Deepa Vasireddy, Mukul Sehgal, Amod Amritphale
2.Socioeconomic Factors Associated With the Risk and Prevalence of Dental Caries and Dental Treatment Trends in Children: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of National Survey of Children's Health (NSCH) Data, 2016-2019
Deepa Vasireddy, Thevasha Sathiyakumar, Sumona Mondal, Shantanu Sur
3.Impact of Sociodemographic Factors on Dental Caries in Children and Availing Fluoride Treatment: A Study Based on National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) Data 2016-2019
Thevasha Sathiyakumar, Deepa Vasireddy, Sumona Mondal
4. Review of COVID-19 viral vector-based vaccines and COVID-19 variants
R Vanaparthy, G Mohan, D Vasireddy, P Atluri
5.COVID-19 infection after mRNA 1273 vaccine: review of the most frequently asked questions
R Vanaparthy, SV Malayala, H Rehman, S Guttha, G Mohan, D Vasireddy, P Atluri
6. Persistent Raynaud's Phenomenon Following Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic
C Laboe, E Batchelder, D Vasireddy
Cureus 13 (9)
7. Medically underserved areas and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in the United States: challenges during the COVID-19 era
S Malayala, R Adhikari, D Vasireddy, P Atluri, A Bali
Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives 11 (4), 457-463
8.Unilateral acromial dimple in an infant: A case report and review of the literature
D Vasireddy, SV Malayala, P Atluri
Indian Journal of Case Reports
9.Review of COVID-19 Variants and COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy: What the Clinician Should Know?
D Vasireddy, R Vanaparthy, G Mohan, SV Malayala, P Atluri
Journal of Clinical Medicine Research 13 (6), 317
10.Review of COVID-19 Vaccines Approved in the United States of America for Emergency Use
D Vasireddy, P Atluri, SV Malayala, R Vanaparthy, G Mohan
Journal of clinical medicine research 13 (4), 204
11.Purpuric Rash and Thrombocytopenia After the mRNA-1273 (Moderna) COVID-19 Vaccine
SV Malayala, G Mohan, D Vasireddy, P Atluri
Cureus 13 (3)
12.Resident Peer Review Process: An Innovative Teaching Model in an Internal Medicine Residency Program
SV Malayala, K Qazi, D Vasireddy, P Atluri
Cureus 13 (3)
13.A case series of vestibular symptoms in positive or suspected COVID-19 patients
SV Malayala, G Mohan, D Vasireddy, P Atluri
Infez Med 29 (1), 117-122
14.COVID-19 encephalopathy in adults
P Atluri, D Vasireddy, S Malayala
Cureus 13 (2)
15.Toxic Alcohol Ingestion: A Case Report and Review of Management Pathways
P Atluri, D Vasireddy, SV Malayala
Cureus 13 (2)
16.Primary care shortage in medically underserved and health provider shortage areas: Lessons from Delaware, USA
SV Malayala, D Vasireddy, P Atluri, RS Alur
Journal of Primary Care & Community Health 12, 2150132721994018
17.Healthcare Access in Medically Underserved Areas During the COVID-19 Era: An International Medical Graduate Perspective From a Rural State
A Muacevic, J Adler, S Malayala, D Vasireddy, R Kadali, R Alur, ...
Cureus 12 (12)
18.A Case of Osteodiscitis in a Preschool-Aged Child
D Vasireddy, JE Atwi
Cureus 13 (1)
19.Dermatillomania: A Case Report and Literature Review
SV Malayala, H Rehman, D Vasireddy
Cureus 13 (1)
20.Pediatric Care Struggles of US Trained International Medical Graduate Pediatricians in COVID-19 Pandemic
D Vasireddy, SV Malayala, P Atluri, D Gupta
Journal of Clinical Medicine Research 13 (1), 20-25
21.Unilateral Leukocoria in an Infant
D Vasireddy, JE Atwi
Cureus 12 (11)
22.Re: Refusal rates of the birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine
D Vasireddy, D Yusi, SG Berrak, J Lichtenberger
Cocuk Enfeksiyon Dergisi 9 (1), 53-54
23.Refusal Rates of the Birth Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine/Dogumda Hepatit B Asisi Red Edilmesine Yol Açan Olasi Faktörler/Author's Reply
AÖ Parlakay, D Vasireddy, D Yusi, SG Berrak, J Lichtenberger
Cocuk Enfeksiyon Dergisi 9 (1), 53
24.Index of Suspicion in the NurseryCase 1: 6-Day-Old Boy With Limited Movement of the Left Hip
D Vasireddy, P Trivedy, RJ DeGroote
NeoReviews 16 (3), e181-e182
25.Strongyloidiasis in a healthy 8-year-old girl in north-eastern USA
P Kratimenos, I Koutroulis, D Vasireddy, R Degroote, MC Fisher
Paediatrics and international child health 35 (1), 72-74
26.Index of suspicion
D Vasireddy, J Scerbo
Pediatrics in Review 35 (6), 255-260
27.Factors affecting refusal rates of the birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine: A single center study
D Vasireddy, D Yusi, SG Berrak, J Lichtenberger
J Pediatr inf 8 (4), 159-164
28.Doğumda hepatit B aşısı red edilmesine yol açan olası faktörler: Tek merkezli çalışma
D Vasireddy, D Yusi, SG Berrak, J Lichtenberger
Cocuk Enfeksiyon Dergisi 8 (4), 159-164
29. ‘Sensor pills-The Smarter Way to Take Your Medication?’ article published in Advances in Therapeutics and Technology American Academy of Pediatrics newsletter, Volume 10;Issue 2.
30. Household poisons and prevention’ article published in Monmouth Medical Center
e-newsletter Feb 2013 issue as a part of the National Poison Prevention Month in association
with Safe Kids International Campaign.
31. Poetry for prevention published in the PAVE (Pediatrician’s against gun violence
everywhere) campaign’s American Academy of Pediatrics January 2014 advocacy issue.



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