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Jeni  Page
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Jeni initially trained in critical care medicine practicing in the intensive care setting for much of her nursing career.  She specialized in the treatment of a variety of acute medical conditions ranging from pulmonary and cardiac problems to neurologic conditions.  After several years in the ICU, Jeni continued with her training, receiving her Master of Science of Nursing from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center where she graduated with the highest honor awarded by the university.  She is board certified by the ANCC as an acute care nurse practitioner.

Ms. Page joined Dr. Oskouian's team in 2011 functioning as his nurse practitioner in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.  She assists him during clinic, frequently seeing patients for the initial assessment as well as post-operative visits.  During the hospital stay, patients often see Jeni daily, as her main goals are to get each patient home quickly, safely, and with as minimal pain as possible.  

Jeni is the lead nurse planner and clinical consultant for multiple neurosurgical conferences held by the Seattle Science Foundation and Swedish Medical Center.  She currently leads multiple initiatives in the complex spine program focusing on improving outcomes and decreasing non-surgical post-operative complications.  She has published in several medical journals and nurse practitioner journals, as well as written multiple policies and procedures for the SNI Spine Department.  Her clinical focus is in quality patient care, optimization in spine surgery, and complex medical patients.

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