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Vahit Ozmen
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Dr. Vahit Ozmen is a Professor of Surgery at Istanbul University. He conducted his medical school and residency training at Istanbul University then served as a surgeon in the Army at Gümüşsuyu Army Hospital in Taksim.

Dr. Ozmen has a distinguished history of academic appointments and was a post- doctoral fellow at Tulane University in the Department of Surgery. He is an expert in breast health having served as Director of the Breast Clinic at Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital and Presient Elect of the Turkish Federation of Breast Societies among a long list of other positions.

Dr. Ozmen is a member of over a dozen national and International societies and decorated with awards and honors beginnig with First Degree in his graduation class and more recently the Estee Lauder Sponsorship and Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness.

In addition to his role as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Breast Health, Dr. Ozmen serves or has served on the board of over a dozen journals. He has taught courses and lectured all over the world and has an extensive list of published papers.

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