"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

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Venkatesh U
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Dr Venkatesh U, is a graduate in MD Preventive and Social medicine. He is very passionate about his job and works for the welfare of the community tirelessly. He does regular field visits in the field practice area to check on the community needs and makes strategic plans to address it. It is clearly evident from his work that he has realized Community participation and ownership of an activity as the key for any service to be successfully delivered. To begin a field activity he always he identifies the grass root workers like ASHA, AWW and local community leaders, and contacts them in a very professional way. He explains the need of the activity, the entire process of how it is intended to be carried out and how important is their role in generating the impact the activity intends to. In this way he gains good trust and rapport with the community. Many health camps on screening for non-communicable diseases, immunization coverage have been conducted by him in villages of najafgarh like Chandanhola, kadak, etc and also in field practice areas of Najafgarh RHTC. The village with poor maternal and child health indicators and poor immunization coverage were chosen for health camps. Few health camps & health education talks were co ordinate with ANMs and AWW on their VHND to improve their immunization coverage. Importance of ORS in diarrhoea, sanitation and hygiene were explained to residents of Digupurah village through intense health talks. Special awareness campaigns were conducted with the help of interns and residents in the Digupurah village to motivate people to get their child vaccinated on Pulse polio immunization day 2 days before the PPI day.
His work also extended on , adolescent health issues. He organised structured teen talks in schools with his team of residents. His team was successful in gaining the trust of the teenagers to talk to them about their issues without fear or hesitation.
To provide age friendly health services he initiated an exclusive “geriatric clinic” in PHC Fatehpurberi where focus was laid on preventive health in a wide range including care of mental health.
He makes sure quality work is delivered and so takes immense efforts to train his residents adequately. He makes sure that every batch of his interns and his residents get trained at the DOTS centre under the DOTS provider and Lab technologist to prepare smear, identify the organism, manage records and track patients who do not turn up. Similarly he takes his team out with malaria inspectors on regular basis to survey houses, identify larvae, give education to the people on potential breeding sites and they also go out to observe spraying activities.
His contributions were recognised and he was identified as National trainer in induction module for community healthy officers under ayushman bharat health program by Government of India.
He constantly gives motivation and encouragement to his colleagues and juniors. He has a good team spirit and extraordinary leadership qualities, he creates a healthy competitive environment in his workplace creating growth as a team.

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