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Khadija Qamar
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Overall more than 25 years experience of teaching undergraduate and postgraduates students. Head of department and professor of Anatomy.Assoc Dean and Director medical education Army Medical College.Editor Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. Deputy Director debates and literary club of Army Medical College . Member of ERC of Army medical college. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences CPSP. President of invitation Committee Army Medical College Rawalpindi Finance secy of Amcolian Alumni Association , Army Medical College Rawalpindi. Supervisor and facilitator /examiner of FCPS Anatomy (CPSP),M.phil course Supervisor of NUMS and QAU, Supervised four FCPS students and 20 M.phil students and Co-supervised 05 M.phil students. 101 national publications and 09 international pubications . Attended 93 & conducted 50 workshop/seminars.

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Recent article categories: Pathology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Anatomy

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