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Kathryn E. Flood
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Kathryn (Kate) Flood is the Research Coordinator for NB Social Pediatrics in Saint John, New Brunswick. She graduated from St Francis Xavier University in 2012 where she became interested in work with vulnerable populations after partaking in service-learning initiatives in prisons throughout the region. Upon graduation, she travelled to Accra, Ghana to work with children who presented with a variety of behavioural issues. In 2014, Kate decided to pursue her Masters in Experimental Psychology at UNB. Throughout her MA Kate worked for the John Howard Society of New Brunswick in a youth treatment centre and later facilitated a program aimed at finding adults with barriers employment. Additionally, Kate has worked with several groups throughout Saint John (e.g., Elizabeth Fry Society, Gentle Path Counselling Services, etc.) on a variety of projects. Her research interests are primarily in well-being. She feels she has found a perfect match working with the NB Social Pediatrics Research team, conducting research and working on programs aimed at increasing the likelihood of a bright future for all children and their families.

Skills & Interests
researcher pediatrics psychology social determinants of health
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