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Social Boost increases article reads through targeted promotion

  • Build your reputation

  • Generate Discussion

  • Increase Article Citations

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You've worked hard to produce quality research. Let us help you promote it. Articles that Cureus deems exceptional can be “boosted” to reach a wider online audience via social media in just a few weeks. Submit your best possible work to qualify for this exclusive program.


The Social Boost program has proven to significantly increase article reads and PDF downloads all over the world. Benefits include:

  • Building reputation as a thought leader and respected clinical researcher
  • Increasing your article's chances of being cited
  • Generating awareness and discussion among the medical science community

Increasing your article reads and PDF downloads is also a great way to reach a rewards tier in our Cureus Honors Program.

Standard Boost


Organic social media promotion

We’ll share your article on our official Cureus channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and other appropriate social channels.

300-400+ additional article views (estimated reach)
Premium Boost


Standard Boost + a targeted social media ad campaign

Organic social media promotion plus a targeted paid social media ad campaign driving traffic to your article based on keywords, geo-targeting, and demographics.

400-600+ additional article views (estimated reach)
How do I know if my article has qualified?

Authors of eligible articles will be notified via email. You can also view your author dashboard to check the status of your published articles. If the “Promote” button appears next to your article, your article has qualified.

How can I tell if Social Boost is working?

Advanced metrics for all published articles are visible to all Cureus readers. Article views, PDF downloads and citation reporting from multiple indexes can be viewed by clicking the Metrics tab on any published article page. Both Cureus and PMC article reads and PDF downloads are visible as well as article reads over time and by country. Readers and authors can see how many times an article is read, downloaded, and cited, and even which states and countries make up the majority of its audience.

When will I receive the results of my Social Boost campaign?

You will receive an email with your results 4-6 weeks after you purchase your Social Boost.

Visit our Article Promotion Guide to learn more about promoting your research.