Cureus | Reflecting on the Success of the Cureus India Medical Science & Publishing Symposium

Reflecting on the Success of the Cureus India Medical Science & Publishing Symposium

Mar 14, 2024 | NEWS


The Cureus India Medical Science & Publishing Symposium 2024 was held on March 7th, 2024 at the Shangri-La Hotel in New Delhi. This landmark event represented a pivotal moment for Open Access healthcare research publishing. With over 100 healthcare CXOs and professionals from prestigious institutions such as AIIMS New Delhi, Max Healthcare, Medanta, Apollo Hospitals, APAR, Fortis, and Manipal Hospitals in attendance, the symposium was a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and insights aimed at advancing the healthcare ecosystem.

The symposium included a keynote speech from Dr. B.N. Gangadhar, Chairman of the National Medical Commission (NMC). His address on the healthcare ecosystem underscored the symposium's central theme: leveraging Open Access to propel healthcare research into new frontiers. The discussions, panel interactions, and Q&A sessions were vibrant and insightful, focusing on the critical role of Open Access in disseminating research more effectively to a wider audience.

A key highlight was the announcement of a significant partnership between Cureus and SRM University (Medical College). This collaboration underscores SRM University's commitment to excellence and innovation in medical research. This partnership fortifies the journal's mission to promote accessible and sustainable Open Access publishing.

The symposium's success was mirrored in the keen interest shown by various institutes, sparking conversations about potential collaborations with Cureus. The event provided an excellent opportunity for medical researchers and clinicians to network. This enthusiasm shown was a testament to the event's impact, broadening the journal's reach within the healthcare community and opening up new avenues for growth and partnership in India.

The event also received significant media coverage, with nearly 50 healthcare media houses highlighting the symposium in both online and offline formats. This exposure plays a crucial role in enhancing Cureus's visibility in the Indian healthcare ecosystem, showcasing the symposium's innovative discussions and the broader implications for healthcare research and publishing.

Looking ahead, the insights and collaborations born from this symposium promise to shape the future of healthcare research and publishing. As we navigate the evolving landscape of medical science, events like the Cureus India Symposium play a crucial role in fostering innovation, dialogue, and progress. Cureus remains committed to driving forward the conversation on Open Access and its transformative potential for the global healthcare community.