Cureus | Excessive Pornography Consumption: Addiction or Habit?

Excessive Pornography Consumption: Addiction or Habit?

Dec 01, 2022 | NEWS


Call for Submissions 

Excessive Pornography Consumption: Addictive Disorder or Habit? 

The internet is awash in pornography. Sexual content has been just a few keyboard clicks away throughout much of our modern existence. A well-known pornographic website revealed in 2019 that it was visited daily by 115 million people and 42 billion people each year.1 What significance does this hold for human behavior and sexual health? 

There is a scarcity of research about “porn addiction.” Is such behavior merely a variation of human sexuality or is it a pathological compulsive addiction with far ranging effects on psychological well being?2 For years mental health professionals and researchers have debated what constitutes hypersexual disorders and rightful inclusion in the DSM.3,4 

In light of the above, Cureus is hereby sending out a call for scientific articles that broadly relate to the field of pornography and its potential behavioral manifestations. For the opportunity to be featured on a dedicated “pornography research” page and email announcement, we invite authors to submit original articles, case reports, review articles, and editorials that explore the subject of “excessive” pornography consumption and whether or not it is an addictive, hypersexual, compulsive-impulsive, or other disorder. Let’s see if science can shed any light on the present controversy!

*Please add “Pornography 2022” as a keyword in your submission to qualify.*

Example topics include: 

Neural and behavioral correlates of sexual stimuli anticipation point to addiction-like mechanisms in compulsive sexual behavior disorder.

The role of impaired control in screening problematic pornography use: Evidence from cross-sectional and longitudinal studies in a large help-seeking male sample.

Online Sex Addiction: A Qualitative Analysis of Symptoms in Treatment-Seeking Men.

Electrophysiological Evidence of Enhanced Processing of Novel Pornographic Images in Individuals With Tendencies Toward Problematic Internet Pornography Use.

Pornography, a neglected prevailing addiction