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Introducing our Cureus Select Editing Service

The power is in your hands. Submit an article that meets our language and formatting requirements and you’re on your way to free publication. If we spot too many errors, we’ll ask you to purchase our Select Editing service for a modest fee. It’s our way of continuing to provide free publication to many of our authors. And remember, whether or not your article is eligible for free publication is entirely in your hands.

How Does It Work?

Articles that undergo our Select Editing service will be permitted up to five deferrals (up from one deferral for free articles). In addition, our editorial staff will provide specific feedback when requesting revisions while quick-fix errors will be handled by our copy editors, saving you valuable time.

Additional deferrals (up to five!)

Articles accepted at no cost are allowed only one deferral, but with Select Editing we will work with you to ensure your article is in great shape prior to publication.

More specific feedback

Cureus relies on a cooperative effort between author and editor. In exchange for free publication, we expect our authors to compare their draft with our author guide and identify and fix the mistakes with minimal guidance. Select Editing offers more detailed feedback, allowing you to address the issues right away.

Enhanced copy editing

Minor errors are quickly fixed by our copy editors so that you can focus on the big picture. You handle any major errors identified prior to peer review and publication and we’ll take care of the rest.