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International Meningioma and Cerebral Venous System Society
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International Meningioma and Cerebral Venous System Society


Meningioma is the most common primary intracranial tumor and its care takes up a significant of a neurosurgeons daily practice. The motivation to end the pain and suffering of the patients and the continuous emerging of new technical problems has fired a continuous but always fresh interest in understanding the biology of meningiomas since the early days of neurosurgery. However; after decades of research meningiomas still try to puzzle and surprise the caregivers. Since the beginning of the 1990’s a natural initiative emerged to bring international neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, basic research scientists and epidemiologists together in meetings to join forces. These inspiring meetings drew the attention of world known distinguished academicians, who further improved the scientific diversity and sophistication of the international meetings. During the fifth meeting past presidents of former meetings came together and decided to form an “International Meningioma Society, which would organize the effort on meningioma research and care, ensure the regularity of the meetings and promote international communication and collaboration.

“The International Meningioma Society” was formed in September 2008 and aims at advancing the art of science of the field of clinical care and research in meningiomas and thereby promote the best possible care for patients suffering from meningiomas.

I am grateful to all senior neurosurgeons who have spent a great effort in meningioma research and care and I am inviting everyone with an interest on meningiomas to join forces in this Society.


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