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Upendra Parvathaneni
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I am a Radiation Oncologist specializing in treating Head and Neck cancers, and lead the program at the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle. We have an academic multidisciplinary practice and utilize multiple radiation treatment modalities including IMRT, IMPT and uniform scanning Proton beam radiotherapy, Neutron radiotherapy, and IORT. I am board certified in Australia and USA. I completed my basic Radiation Oncology training in December 2003 from Sydney, Australia and New Zealand. In 2006, I joined the faculty of the University of Washington after completing an advanced clinical fellowship from the University of Texas, MD Anderson cancer center. My niche practice involves treating rare tumors, including Merkel cell cancer, Salivary gland tumors with Fast Neutron beam radiotherapy and skull base malignancies especially with peri neural tumor spread.

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merkel cell cancer head and neck oncology head and neck oncologist head and neck malignancies sinonasal tumors invading skull base peri neural cancer spread neutron radiotherapy electron and proton beam therapy
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