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My current research interests and goals center on two areas: 1) Examining the roots and potential resolution of migraine; 2) Utilizing canine-scent detection as a guide dog to find potential cancer biomarkers. The former project is an offshoot of our collaborative migraine research leading to the hypothesis that dysregulation of brain Na/K ATPase pumps primes migrainers for their headaches. We are currently examining the regulation by various steroid-based compounds. The second collaborative project utilizes trained scent detection dogs to evaluate the results of our separation protocols designed to isolate and concentrate cancer biomarkers from cancer patients in order to prepare them for identification. The ultimate goal of the project is the design of a simple cost-effective device tor early cancer selection. Both areas require a solid background in Biochemistry, separation science, and proteomics/metabolomics-based mass spectrometry, all of which I have years of experience with. My research career starting in graduate school through academic and industrial positions all enhanced my background in Biochemistry and separation science. At Thermo Scientific I spent 10 year honing my skills in biological-related mass spectrometry. I have successfully managed group projects and laboratories in terms of personnel and their training, grant writing and administration, environmental health and safety, and budget management. I have also managed numerous collaborative research projects. My years of experience in teaching at the academic and industrial levels have made me an excellent communicator in both verbal and written forms. In summary, my decades-long experience and record of successful research projects have prepared me to not only conduct and complete the aforementioned studies, but to take on any that present themselves along the way.

My Professional Societies

American Chemical Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biophysical Society