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Jimmy William
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I am a Haematology Registrar with 10 years of Clinical Experience in General Medicine. I have rotated through different departments throughout my career; Family Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Emergency Medicine, and finally I am currently a Haematology Registrar at Sligo University Hospital in Ireland. In addition, I am affiliated with the Ziryab Research Group in Sudan. My ultimate goal is to become a Professor in Clinical Haematology.



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type 3 diabetes oral hypoglycemic agent continuous glucose monitor diabetes autologous stem cell transplant multiple myeloma itp ttp gouty arthritis haematology internal medicine psoriatic arthiritis hemochromatosis sjogren and sicca sle and rheumatoid arthritis lymphoproliferative neoplasm myeloproliferative disorder aml autoimmune disease and cancer
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