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Ayden Jacob
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Ayden Jacob works with a team of engineers and physicians to develop a novel micro-catheter chemotherapeutic filtration system for hepatocellular carcinoma and head and neck tumors. As a bioengineer researcher at the UCSF Department of Interventional Oncology and Radiology, the team is discovering original intra-arterial delivery methods to increase chemotherapeutic dosage to target tumors, while simultaneously filtrating chemoagents to limit systemic toxicity. After graduating Cum Laude from Yeshiva University in neuroscience, biology and philosophy, Ayden was awarded a research fellowship in the department of neuroradiology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied the specificity of PET imaging in detecting neurophysiological abnormalities in patients with brain injury. Ayden subsequently won the prestigious medical sciences scholarship at the University of Oxford, the Clarendon Scholars Award, and went on to study radiation oncology at the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology of Oxford University. After completing his thesis on the effects of alpha particle, gamma and x-ray irradiation on human glioblastoma stem cells, Ayden entered industry to pursue his passion of inventing concrete bioengineering solutions for complex medical problems.

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