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Lakshmi Agarwal
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Original articles
1. Saxena R, Gajendra, Agarwal L*. Study of hematological disorders on basis of bone marrow examination with special reference to Ferro kinetics. J Mol Pathol Epidemiol 2018,Vol. 3 No.1:1

2. Lakshmi agarwal1*, Jayant Ramawat, Manmohan Agrawala and Naresh Rai: A Study on Prevalence and Causative Factors of Megaloblastic Anaemia in Hadoti Region: AABS; 4(1): 201

3. Manmohan Agrawala, Lakshmi Agarwal, Sashi Kochar, Naresh Rai, R K Tanwar and Girish Khandelwal :Clinical, Radiological and Pathological Co-Relation of Mandibular Involvement in Cancers of Oral Cavity. AOHDR; 1(1): 2017

4. Gupta P, Rai N N, Agarwal L, et al. (June 18, 2018) Comparison of Molecular Subtypes of Carcinoma of the Breast in Two Different Age Groups: A Single Institution Experience. Cureus 10(6): e2834.

5. Agarwal L, Agrawal M, Geetha V, Saxena R (2017) Histological Features of Tubercular Lymphadenitis in HIV Positive Patients. Adv Cytol Pathol 2(5): 00039. 2(5): 0003

Case Reports

1. Lakshmi Agarwal, Giriraj Rathore, Sunita Khandelwal, Naresh N Rai, Rajeev Saxena. A case report of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) in a child mimicking tuberculosis:Adv Cytol Pathol. 2018;3(5):108‒109.

2. Lakshmi Agarwal*, Ila Sharma and Naresh Rai:Charcot Leyden Crystals in Liver FNAC: Annal of advanced medical science

3. Manmohan Agarwal, Lakshmi Agarwal, Vikrant Mathur, Girish Khandelwal: A rare case report of leiomyosarcoma of tongue, AME Case Rep 2018;2:13

4. Lakshmi Agarwal, Rajeev Saxena, Vinny Gupta, Sunita Sharma. “Cytological Diagnosis of Proliferating Pilomatricoma Mimicking Malignancy”. Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; Volume 2, Issue 35, August 31, 2015; Page: 5518-5522

5. Manmohan Agarwal1, Lakshmi Agarwal2, Vikrant Mathur3.Hemangioma of tongue. AME Case Rep 2018;2:11

6. Lakshmi Agarwal, Deepti Sukheeja*, Vinny Gupta, Swati Namdev, Naresh N Rai. Intraparotid schwannoma on cytology Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Vol. 03, No. 02, April - June 2016

7. Lakshmi Agarwal, Manmohan Agrawala and Bhawna Gupta.Lactational Changes Masquerading Features of Malignancy in Breast: A Case Report. 10.21276/awch.1806

8. Deepti Sukheeja, Lakshmi Agarwal, Pradeep Choudhary, Neelu Vashist, Naresh N. Rai. Metastatic Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung To Pancreas Mimicking As Acute Pancreatitis: A Case Report Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2015 May, Vol-9(5): ED13-ED14

9. Choudhary P, Kalwaniya S, Agarwal L, Saxena S. Primary Multifocal Skull Vault Lymphoma in an Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Patient. West Afr J Radiol Vol. 22, Issue 2, July-December 2015

10. Manmohan Agarwal1, Lakshmi Agarwal2, Rajeev Saxena. Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Submandibular Salivary Gland: A Case Report. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2017 Jul, Vol-11(7)

11. Lakshmi Agarwal, Bhawna Gupta, Ayushi Jain. Pure Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Ovary with Metastasis to Cervix: A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Sep, Vol-10(9)

Mini Review

1. viewManmohan Agarwal1, Lakshmi Agarwal2*, Tilak Raj Verma3, Agrima Sharma4. Role of Oral Care in Oral Cancer. International Journal of Oncological Nursing Vol. 4: Issue 2

2. Agarwal L, Agarwal M. The changing parameters in the management of head and neck oncology-pathologist role. Adv Cytol Pathol. 2018;3(5):119‒120. Pathological Epidemiology

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