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Safe Hands: Teaching Innovation Project to improve Hand Hygiene in Health Sciences.


Background: Since 2004, the World Alliance for Patient Safety brings proposing hand hygiene as the key measure of its international strategy in the fight against healthcare-associated infections. In Spain the Safe Hands Distinction of the Patient Safety Observatory recognizes the good practices on improving hand hygiene of the World Health Organization.

Objectives: Apply the WHO multimodal strategy to improve hand hygiene at the Faculty of Health Sciences and maintain the culture of Patient Safety on hand hygiene by students and staff.

Methods: A teaching innovation project called "Safe Hands" was developed in the Nursing Degree at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Granada during the academic period 2013-2015. The tool "Guide to the Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy" served to develop and plan the program to improve hand hygiene according to its five phases. In parallel, activities were implemented according to the three stages of the accreditation process "Safe Hands Distinction". 

Results: The Faculty of Health Sciences has become a dynamic secure environment that provides alcoholic gel for practice and training on hand hygiene, disseminates information and updated signage, reinforces the training of students and staff, and reinforces the quality assurance project.

Study Limitations: It is necessary to complete the five years cycle of continuous improvement in quality of the WHO guide to establish an optimal strategy for improving hand hygiene.

Conclusion: Safe Hands has launched the WHO multimodal strategy in an academic context. The Faculty of Health Sciences has got credited the Safe Hands Distinction, becoming the first Higher Education Center accredited in Spain to improve hand hygiene.


Safe Hands: Teaching Innovation Project to improve Hand Hygiene in Health Sciences.

Author Information

Jacobo Cambil Martín Corresponding Author

Nursing, University of Granada

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