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Experience of sexual harrasment among nursing students in clinical settings in private nursing colleges in Kathmandu Valley



Over the last decade, the pervasiveness and the cost of sexual harassment, a
manifestation of sex‐based discrimination, has become a growing concern at
the national and international level. This study aims to assess the experience of
sexual harassment among nursing students in the clinical settings.

A cross ‐sectional research design was carried out in 2017 in three private
nursing colleges, Kathmandu. Census method was used to recruit 232
respondents. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was
objectively analyzed in SPSS full version 21.

Nursing students experiencing sexual harassment were 28.9%. Respondents
were found to be sexually harassed mostly by patient party/visitor 50%. Mostly
harassment occurs at night shift (Between 7pm‐ 8am) 53.7% and in ward 88%.
Regarding effects of Sexual Harassment, approx. 72.9% of the nursing students
had repeated disturbing memories and thoughts about a sexual harassment
incident. Among total participant only 15% herd about hotline number of
workplace violence and 42.6% know about act in workplace. Majority of
nursing students did not report sexual harassment because of 49.7% were
afraid of negative consequences. Sexual harassment was significantly
associated with age, education, and age group of patient 0.021, .007, .005

Sexual harassment of any type ranging from staring to verbal abuses is major issue. Hence raising awareness
of the growing and invisible issue of sexual harassment towards nurses at workplace is most to maintain good
working environment.

Keywords: Sexual Harassment, Nursing Students, Private Colleges

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Experience of sexual harrasment among nursing students in clinical settings in private nursing colleges in Kathmandu Valley

Author Information

Shobha Gaihre Corresponding Author

Department of Psychology and Philosophy, National Trauma Center, Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu , NPL

Sandesh Regmi

Department of Psychology and Philosophy/president, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus/ Psychological Aid Nepal, Kathmandu, NPL

Prabin Shrestha

Department of Psychology and Philosophy, Tri Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, NPL

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