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Provigil, the commercial name for Modafinil, is used to treat excessive drowsiness problems such as narcolepsy (n and shift work sleep disorder. It acts on the central nervous system and boosts specific neurotransmitters, causing the patient to feel awake. Provigil 100mg is the modafinil dose used throughout the initial treatment phase. This is a capsule-shaped white or a pale white tablet bearing the stamp "PROVIGIL" upon one side and "100" on the other. So observe the recommendations of your doctor medical advice.Pro Vigil 100mg causes various common and major negative effects in the human body. Headache, nausea, vomiting, scratching, feeling dizzy, and dysentery are all possible but they may subside after a few days. Some of the side effects include chest pain, diminished vision, strong the pace of his heart or elevated blood pressure.

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