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Known in the SEO community as RUMER, I have built a solid reputation over the years with this nickname, which I also use on YouTube. With two decades of experience in SEO and affiliate marketing, I've honed my skills and achieved significant success.

I launched my SEO business in the early 2000s and have since earned over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions. As a YouTube blogger, I have created over 80 videos and attracted more than 1,000 subscribers, all focused on niche SEO topics. While my YouTube presence is growing, my primary passion has always been mastering SEO.

In addition to my hands-on SEO work, I authored the course "How to Turn Expired Domains into GOLD," which was released two years ago and has been purchased by hundreds of people. As a UDEMY instructor, my course meets the platform's high-quality standards. I invite you to join my latest course, "Parasite SEO," and explore the strategies I've developed over my extensive career.

My Professional Societies

AAMC Southern Group on Educational Affairs (SGEA)