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Gary Heit Ph.d.M.D.
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Dr. Heit joined the Kaiser system in April 2004.

Prior to coming to Kaiser he was on the neurosurgery faculty at Stanford University where he was the Director of Functional Neurosurgery. His primary responsibility there was the surgical treatment of pain, movement disorders (I.e. Parkinson’s disease and dystonia), and epilepsy.

Dr. Heit's clinical interests include the surgical treatment of movement disorders, chronic pain, and epilepsy. His research focuses on microelectrode recordings to guide ablative treatment for movement disorders. He currently uses source density analysis to study epileptiform activity and cognitive evoked potentials, and cognitive neurophysiology of the cingulate cortex. He is the director of Neurointraoperative Monitoring at Kaiser as well as a Functional Neurosurgeon.

Dr. Heit enjoys traveling, especially to remote parts of the world. Two of his hobbies are photography and gourmet cooking and travelling enhances the opportunities to enjoy both of these hobbies.

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