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Percocet is a brand name for a prescription medication that contains a combination of two active ingredients: oxycodone (an opioid) and acetaminophen (a pain reliever and fever reducer). It is commonly prescribed to manage moderate to moderately severe pain. Oxycodone in Percocet provides pain relief, while acetaminophen enhances its effectiveness and provides additional pain relief and fever reduction. They are available in different variants such as 5-325mg, 7.5-325mg, 7.5-500mg, and 10-325mg.
As with other opioid-containing medications, Percocet carries the risk of dependence and potential side effects. It should be taken exactly as prescribed by a healthcare professional, and patients should be cautious about potential interactions with other medications. Misuse or overuse of Percocet can be harmful, and it should only be used under a doctor's supervision.