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Prasanthi Govindarajan
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Dr. Govindarajan is an emergency medicine physician and a health services researcher. Her research goals are to strength the prehospital link in the stroke chain of survival and improve treatment rates for acute  stroke patients through evidence based prehospital interventions. She has a broad background in prehospital care and research methodology with specific expertise in systems of care for stroke/ diagnostic accuracy of prehospital stroke care. Her initial work identified gaps in the prehospital diagnostic accuracy of stroke and factors associated with low performance in prehospital setting. Following her initial work, she received a career development award to study the impact of using a prehospital bypass protocol to primary stroke centers in multiple counties in Northern California. This led to the development of interventions to improve diagnostic accuracy in the field. Currently, with funding support from American Heart/Stroke Association, her team is pilot-testing a technology based solution to improve prehospital recognition and triage of stroke. Dr.Govindarajan is strongly committed to improving lives of stroke patients through faster delivery of treatment in the acute phase. 

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