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Joseph Stancanello
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Dr. Stancanello received his MSc in biomedical engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in cooperation with Moscow State University, Russia, with a dissertation on mathematical models of surface particle treatments for biomedical applications. Dr. Stancanello received his Ph.D. in bioengineering also from Politecnico di Milano, with strong focus on medical physics in the field of radiosurgery, defending a dissertation on “morphological and functional imaging in the artero-venous malformation radiosurgery”. He also received his Executive MBA from MIP-Politecnico di Milano Business School with a dissertation on the “competitive advantage in radiation therapy market”, awarded as best dissertation of the year at the business school. Dr Stancanello attended several executive courses at Tongji University, Shanghai, and IMD-MIT in Lausanne, Switzerland, specializing in Driving Strategic Innovation.

In the first years of his career, Dr. Stancanello worked in the Medical Physics Department of Vicenza, Italy, with a long experience in medical imaging applied to therapy. Later, he lead the image post-processing section in Bracco Imaging SPA for the development of new MRI contrast agents with special focus on chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) and hyperpolarized contrast agents. In the last 5 years Dr Stancanello has been in charge of several responsibilities in Siemens Healthcare Oncology, worldwide headquarters in Erlangen, Germany, ranging from collaborative research to innovation and to business unit strategy.

He has developed several points of view to medical products, focusing on clinical needs, scientific and business aspects. He has developed a strong know-how in the strategic process, competitive roadmap, internal innovation and open innovation roadmaps (focusing on collaborative research), value proposition definition, market segmentation analysis - segment targeting - product positioning, intellectual property evaluation, patent filing (inventive steps definition) and contract management. He has also developed strong interaction with sales channels and key customers/opinion leaders to quickly synchronize customer-company expectations and needs.

Dr. Stancanello academic appointments consisted of external professor for Mathematical Analysis at Padova University, Italy, and currently as lecturer at University of Heidelberg, Germany, teaching “imaging in oncology”. He is also currently Guest Scientist at the German Research Cancer Centre in Heidelberg, Germany. He has also served as consultant for Politecnico di Milano at several imaging laboratories and at the Consortium for the investigation of chemistry of metals in biological systems, Turin, Italy.

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