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Dennis P. Wood
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Practice focus includes general, health and forensic/medical-legal and psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions provided to adults. Clinical evaluations and psychotherapy consultations are provided to individuals experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, panic, trauma, and/or chronic pain. Assist Military Veterans with their psychological evaluations and report writing associated with their filing Disability Claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Psychological Consultant: Virtual Reality Medical Center (October 2006 – current; www.vrphobia.com): I provide consultation focused on training Clinical Psychologists to gain expertise to treat patients with Virtual Reality Graded Exposure Therapy (VR-GET) and I provide consultation focused on researching the VR-GET treatment effects.

Reviewer Keywords
psychotherapy ptsd diagnosis and treatment major depressive disorder diagnosis and treatment utilization of virtual reality therapy for the treatment of combt-related ptsd military psychology
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Recent article categories: Psychiatry, Psychology, Trauma

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Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS)