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Margaret Mead
Mateus Aragão Esmeraldo
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Fourth-year undergraduate from Medical School of the Federal University of Ceará (Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC) - Campus Sobral. President of the Scientific Society of Neuroscience of Sobral (SSNS), focused on research, teaching and social activities in the field of Neuroscience, developing observational and experimental studies related to Neurology, Neuroimaging and Neurosurgery. Currently a member of the Laboratory of Neuroscience of the UFC, participating in behavioral and biochemical studies related to Parkinson's Disease, Depression, Epilepsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder in animal models. Ex-member of the Cell Culture Laboratory of the UFC, dedicated to the research field of Biomaterials and Stem Cells as member of the Group of Studies in Morphology. Teaching experience in the activities of SSNS and as professor of Physics and Mathematics of Paulo Freire and Espaço Novo Acadêmico courses.

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