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George Rodrigues
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Dr. George Rodrigues is a Clinician Scientist and Radiation Oncologist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and London Health Sciences Centre. He has consulted on and provides radiation treatment for patients with genitourinary and thoracic cancers as well as brain metastases since 2001 after his graduation from the University of Toronto Radiation Oncology Residency Program. He is a former award-winning Residency Program Director and is the Chair of the Genitourinary Multidisciplinary Disease Site. He is academically appointed to the departments of radiation oncology and epidemiology/biostatistics and has several doctoral, master’s, and post-graduate trainees under his supervision. His current research interests include: contouring quality assurance, clinical trial design, evidence synthesis and multisite arc-based hypofractionated radiotherapy. He has authored or coauthored 91 papers and 136 abstracts as well as been awarded 17 principal investigator grants and 20 coinvestigator grants with an overall value of over 6.8 million dollars. More importantly, Dr. George Rodrigues is married and has two children. He enjoys his time at the family cottage where they go fishing, hiking, and geocaching.

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