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Research Article

The transformation of the photo-thermo sensitive genic male-sterile line 261S of rice via an expression vector containing the anti-Waxy gene


Transgenic photo-thermo sensitive genic male sterility Oryza sativa L. cv. “261S” plants with the anti-Waxy gene were successfully obtained using an Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated co-transformation method. Marker-free homozygous transgenic lines with the anti-Waxy gene were obtained. The setting seed rates of the transgenic plants via self-pollination or via crossing with the restorer line WX99075 rice and the 1000-grain weight of the transgenic plants and the F2 hybrid seeds obtained by crossing the transgenic or non-transgenic plants with the restorer line WX99075 rice, and the number of panicles of the transgenic plants and yields of the F2 hybrid rice, were analysed. Quality indexes of the transgenic plants and of the F2 hybrid seeds were analysed. Our researches results indicate that hybrid female and hybrid descendant edibility could be improved via the introduction of the anti-Waxy gene, but the grain yields of the reserve seeds via self-pollination of the transgenic photo-thermo sensitive genic sterile lines and of the hybrid rice were not affected.