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Research Article

A Retrospective Analysis on the Proper Size of Tissue Expanders to Treat Scalp Lesions


Background:Tissue expanders have become established instruments for scalp reconstruction. However, selection of the size of the expander has not been investigated systematically, and it generally depends on the experience of the surgeon.Methods:We retrospectively analyzed 21 patients who had undergone treatment for scalp lesions using tissue expanders without any complications and measured 2 variables: the volume of the expanders per area of the excised lesions and the hypothetical stretched functional skin width relative to the width of the excised lesions. We also sought to evaluate the relationship between these 2 variables and the need for revision surgery during the postoperative course.Results:The need for revision surgery was statistically higher in patients with a volume of 7 ml/cm2 lesion or less and width of functional skin of less than 2.5 cm/cm lesion (P < 0.05). For scar repairs, the required size and volume of the expanders tended to be larger than those required for any other lesions.Conclusions:Expanders that generate functional skin at least more than 2.5 times the width of the lesion and have a volume more than 7 ml/cm2 lesion are necessary to cover scalp lesions without complications.