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Research Article



Objective: To evaluate the cosmetic and functional results of patients submitted to surgical correction of Congenital High Scapula (Sprengel's Deformity) using modified Green's Procedure, as well as patients' satisfaction and complications. Methods: Nine patients submitted to surgical treatment from September 1993 to April 2008 have been assessed. The modification from original technique was: subperiosteal muscle detachment, resection of superomedial scapular portion and fixation of medial portion of scapular spine to contralateral posterior iliac crest instead of skeletal traction, with subcutaneous wire. The mean age was 7 years and 3 months. The mean follow-up time was 3 years and 7 months. Results: The mean improvement in forward elevation was 39o (range 0 to 80o). According to the Cavendish Classification, cosmetic improvement of two degrees was achieved in eight cases, and three degrees in one. All patients were satisfied with results. Conclusions: Surgical correction of Sprengel's Deformity by a modified Green's procedure with contralateral posterior iliac crest fixation instead of skeletal traction, showed both cosmetic and functional improvements; all patients and/or family members were satisfied with the results, and the complications associated to the surgical technique did not interfere on end results.