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Research Article

Exotic flora of some grasslands of Nilgiris with their medicinal uses


In addition to the dominance of indigenous plant species, the grasslands of Nilgiris harbour a considerable number of exotic plants with sizeable number of individuals. In the present study in four major grasslands of Nilgiris, out of 12 exotic species present, 10 are recognized as medicinally important. The family, Asteraceae contributed a higher number of 6 medicinal species to the grassland community. The density of exotics in the studied grasslands is varied between 4 and 66/ha. In order to conserve the native species, the frequent harvesting of useful parts of exotics is suggested. In addition cultivation of these exotics in the degraded grasslands and other suitable habitats in Nilgiris may also reduce the pressure upon the native species and at the same time it will also meet the demand.